No-one relishes the prospect of fighting an appeal. When any client comes to us for assistance with a planning application, we apply the ‘could we win this at appeal?’ test from the very outset. If the answer is no, we’ll try to identify an alternative solution that avoids the thorny issues while satisfying their requirements.
If you come to us for help once your initial application for planning permission has been rejected or in the event that one of our own applications has been refused, we’ll assess whether you stand a reasonable chance of winning an appeal. If we genuinely believe you won’t succeed we’ll tell you so, rather than encouraging further fruitless expenditure.
If the chances are good we will be very happy to take up the challenge and will advise on the best way to proceed.
We can also help with listed building appeals and appeals against inappropriate conditions.
We’re experienced in submitting written representations and representing clients at informal hearings.